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The 3rd FST Formula Student 7/18 Taichung Libao debuts! Yulon Group encourages students to set sail on their dreams

The 3rd year FST is set to take place at Lihpao, Taichung on July 18!
Yulon Group encourages students to set sail on their dreams!

Editer | Yi Shan, Hsiao



▲A group photo of the 2nd FST (Source: Formula Student Taiwan Association)

The third event is even more exciting! On July 18th, don’t miss this most technically difficult engineering design competition. At Taichung Lihpao Karting Track, outstanding student teams from across the country will bring together their own designed formula racing cars to compete with each other on their vehicle design capabilities on the track.


This is a top student racing event. A total of six student teams from National Taiwan University, National Yang-Ming National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and Pingtung University of Science and Technology are ready to go.

02_The 2nd Beida Student Fleet Vehicle Inspection.jpg

Picture: The second Beike conducts vehicle security inspection

Image source: Taiwan Formula Student Association

Students from different schools will drive their own racing cars built from scratch to show the audience their passion for technology and engineering. The competition not only tests technical ability and teamwork, but also challenges oneself. It is not easy for a student racing team to develop in Taiwan. In addition to technical guidance, it also requires a lot of social and industrial support. Students have to spend a lot of time to obtain suitable components. In the middle and later stages, they have to face the problem of passing on experience in order to transfer the experience value. Continuation.


Picture: The second National Taiwan University of Science and Technology conducts vehicle tilt test

Image source: Taiwan Formula Student Association

This year, the competition received strong support from Yan Qingling Industrial Development Foundation and Yulon Group, as well as cooperation from many industries such as Gongfeng Enterprise and Tianhe Education Foundation. To welcome the 70th anniversary of Taiwan's automobile industry, which is also the 70th anniversary of Yulon Group, this year Yulon Group and Yan Qingling Industrial Development Foundation have specially expanded their sponsorship of this year's Formula Student, providing subsidies to encourage multiple college teams to make their own formula cars to participate in the competition, and actively invest in Taiwan's industrial prospects. Sexual engineering technology research and development and talent cultivation. On the day of the event, the Yulon Group, including Yulon Motors, Yulon Nissan, China Automotive, Lazio, and Honghua Advanced, will also set up booths at the event to showcase Taiwan's automobile manufacturing industry and stimulate Taiwan's young students' enthusiasm for technology and engineering by supporting the event. Continue to promote the cultivation of car-making talents and deepen industry-university cooperation with schools.


The opening ceremony of the competition on July 18 will be open to the public for free. After the opening ceremony, the competition arranged an industry sharing session, inviting Deputy General Manager Qian Jingwu of China Automobile and CEO Zheng Xiancong of MIH Open Electric Vehicle Platform to communicate with young students.


On that day, there will be many manufacturers setting up stalls at the racing track, as well as RPG level-breaking activities suitable for adults and children. Complete designated projects and you will have the opportunity to receive exquisite gifts. The FILO new type shared light vehicle development team from the Department of Industrial Design of National Cheng Kung University, which won an award in this year's New Generation Design Exhibition, was also invited to the sidelines to display a 1:1 real vehicle model for everyone to visit and experience.


In addition, in order to let the public better understand the trend of new energy vehicles, the public can also see NISSAN X-TRAIL e-POWER, China Linli Electric Vehicle E300, several electric motorcycles under eMOVING and Honghua's advanced Model C on site at close range. The organizer also arranged Honghua Model T electric buses as shuttle buses to facilitate public transportation between Taichung High Speed Rail Station and Lihpao Circuit.

04_Honghua Advanced Electric Bus Model T.png

Picture: Honghua Advanced Electric Bus Model T

Image source: Taiwan Formula Student Association

The third event has been extended to three days, and the public will be allowed to attend the event on the 18th. In terms of competition, student teams still have to pass extensive vehicle safety inspections before they can participate in dynamic event competitions. What can be expected is that this year’s Endurance event will allow two teams that have passed the security check to take the field at the same time, giving you the opportunity to see the two teams competing against each other.



【Event Information】


Address: Taichung Lihpao International Circuit


Tickets: Free admission


Opening hours: July 18, 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm


(For details, please stay tuned to the FST official website:

05_Beike Racing Team Straight Acceleration Test Preparation.jpg

Picture: Beike Racing Team preparation for straight acceleration test

Image source: Taiwan Formula Student Association

Video: The 2nd Taiwan Formula Student League Competition Review

Video source: Taiwan Formula Student Association

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