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2022  Formula Student Taiwan 2nd

2022 Annual Goals

The goal of the second Formula Student League is to create a complete event,

Let students have an international competition stage in Taiwan, and promote exchanges from all walks of life through leagues.

Complete event

​Establish a review team and introduce international competition specifications

Cross-border promotion

Promote to various industries and academia

Long term promotion

Establish an organization and establish a legal person



Participating teams
National Taiwan University | National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | Taipei University of Technology | Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University | National Chung Hsing University | Pingtung University of Science and Technology | National Cheng Kung University

Demonstration fleet

Tsinghua University | Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology


The second logo_work area 1.png

TECO Electric | Bridgestone | Tianhe Foundation

AutoDesk | Xingjing Technology | Habo Automobile | Chroma Electronics | Tang He | Chen Yifan | Honghua Advanced 

Lihpao International Circuit | Chinese Automobile Association | BC Racing | Super Serious Boys | Dongtai Precision Machinery | Yan Qingling Industrial Development Foundation | MIH

ARTC | Ministry of Education - New Engineering Education Program | National Cheng Kung University Lutheran College | Quanmao Precision Machinery | Peripower | Mos Burger | Neck Brother


AUG. 22  Static

Vehicle Security Check

Mechanical and electrical safety inspection,More than 300 inspection items.

Vehicle Safety Testing

Braking, tilting, rain and other tests will be conducted to ensure safety.

Vehicle Design

Professional judges from the industry give students design suggestions.

AUG. 23  Dynamic

Straight Line Acceleration

Testing the acceleration performance of the vehicle's power system.


Autocross tests the design of the vehicle's suspension and power system.


An endurance race of nearly 15 kilometers on a karting track.

Activity Review


Tournament ranking

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