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Workshop 2 -Electrical System Form (ESF) Document Review

Speaker I Bob, Chou

Editer I Yi-Shan, Hsiao

Post time:FEB. 19 2024 

Introduction to Electric System Report (ESF)

Electrical System Form (ESF) refers to the electrical system report. When participating in FSAE competitions, teams must submit ESF documents, which must clearly describe the vehicle's electrical system design.

ESF purpose

  • Detect problems early, and the sooner they are solved, the lower the cost.

  • ESF can be used as a design specification sheet to freeze the design as early as possible and start entering the processing stage.

ESF writing direction

  • The more pictures and descriptions the better!

  • Reference to mature designs is encouraged. Innovative designs are not required. ESF pays attention to compliance with rules and safety.

  • Encourage the use of the industry-favored V Model system to develop models and introduce vehicle design concepts to the judges

ESF Workshop Ep.1 Basic Format and Content

ESF Workshop Ep.2 Frequently Asked Questions

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