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What will you do after graduation? What is the purpose of building a car?

Exclusive interviews take you through different career paths like a marquee!

"You’ve got to find what you love."- Steve Jobs says.

Interview with Ting-Kai, Chou》Journey of Studying Abroad in the University of Michigan Department of Systems Engineering and the Venturing into the Motor City

Bob Zhou is a graduate of the Engineering Science Department of National Cheng Kung University and is currently studying in the Systems Engineering Department of the University of Michigan. While in college, he served as the electric team leader of the Chengdu Grand Prix team and led the team to participate in the Japanese FSAE competition. After graduating from college, he worked as a system integration engineer at Honghua Advanced Technology. After working for two years, he decided to study abroad in the United States and pursue his dream in the automotive industry.


Exclusive interview with Zhang BoxiangFrom robotics club to Formula Student, the starting point of burning dreams

Senior Zhang Boxiang, who is currently working in the System Experiment Department of the First Vehicle Development Headquarters of Mitsubishi Motors in Japan, started from the Automotive Department of Tainan High-Technology Institute and participated in the robotics club and department society. Finally, by chance, he accepted the invitation of his senior to enter the Tainan Institute of Technology Formula 1 team. This seemingly casual invitation was an important turning point in the relationship between senior Bo Xiang and formula racing. 

Exclusive interview with Leo》 From student racing team to professional racing team - Create your own workplace survival skills

For this career interview, we invited Leo, who graduated from the Institute of Vehicle Engineering of Taipei University of Technology. He was once a member of the Taipei University of Science and Technology team and participated in the 2019 FSAE Japan. Now he works as an Engineer for the Taiwanese professional racing team HubAuto. In this exclusive interview, senior Leo shared how he went from a student team to working as an Engineer at HubAuto and continues to this day, as well as his journey along the way.


Interview with Huang Ping》Connect the dots, Formula Student Racing to General Motors of the United States

Ping, who is currently coaching the Taiwan Cup Formula Student League, currently works as an engineer at GM, specializing in system integration and track simulation of sports cars. During college, Ping participated in the school's formula racing team. At first, he worked on suspension. After more than a year, he was transferred to the frame and steering system. In the last year, he became the team leader of Vehicle Dynamic, integrating vehicle dynamic simulation and control systems. Design⋯

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