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The 3rd FST successfully concluded on July 18th.
Young students dreaming of building their own racing cars inspire government and corporate support.

Editer | Yi Shan, Hsiao

Taiwan's highest-level engineering competition for colleges and universities officially started today (7/18) at the karting track of Lihpao Park in Taichung. Excellent student teams from across the country have signed up for the competition, including National Taiwan University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Beijing University of Science and Technology. Participate in the competition and invite the National Tsing Hua University's racing team to participate. After a year of preparation, students built a formula car from 0 to 1 to compete. The co-organizer, Yulon Group, came to the scene to share the latest automobile industry knowledge with students and called on the group's Yulon Motors, Yulon Nissan, China Automobile, and other companies to exhibit their cars and showcase Yulon's 70-year car-making dream, encouraging young people to join the automobile industry and foster innovation.

01_All group photo.jpeg

▲A group photo of the 3rd FST (Source: Formula Student Taiwan Association)

The FST competition is divided into three main categories: "Document Review", "Technical Inspection", and "Track Dynamic Event". According to the international FSAE rules, mechanical and electrical inspection, Tilt, Rain, Brake and other tests are used to check the safety of the vehicles manufactured by the students. Through dynamic events such as Autocross and Endurance, the students' engineering design and development capabilities are assessed. After two and a half days of vehicle inspection, the student team that has passed the security inspection will be opened for dynamic testing (7/18). The FST organizer said: "Every year's event is a new breakthrough for FST. We also invite companies and units from various fields to participate to support student teams to surpass themselves." It is not easy for student teams to develop in Taiwan. In addition to engineering knowledge, building a car also requires cross-field resource integration, which relies on a lot of guidance from judges and strong support from society and industry. While introducing FSAE international rules, the organizer's goal is to contribute to the development of the student team, while also connecting companies to participate, thus creating an open platform for companies, schools, and students.

02_Tsinghua University team tilt test.jpeg

▲NTHU Racing Team conducts the Tilt test (Source: Formula Student Taiwan Association)

The third FST joins hands with the government, industry and education parties to create the top engineering education palace. The Taichung City Government was invited to deliver a speech at the opening ceremony on July 18th. The Economic Development Bureau of the Taichung City Government stated that this is an industry-university cooperation platform created by Taiwan’s aspiring youth, the government and enterprises. The secretary general, Mr. Chen Yuan Long, of the Yim Ching Ling Industrial Development Foundation said that the foundation adheres to founder Mr. Yim Ching Ling's original intention of developing the automotive industry. Since 1970s, it has continued to connect "industry" and "academy" and invested in the corporate social responsibility of cultivating Taiwan's automotive talents. "We support industrial and academic development, provide scholarships and bursaries to support passionate talents, and hope that students with dreams will have the ability and strength to pursue their dreams", said Chen.

03_Industry Sharing Session-2 _edited_edited.jpg

▲Industry Sharing Session (Source: Taiwan Formula Student Association)

To enhance industry-academia collaboration, this year, the organizers arranged for Mr. Chien Ching Wu, Vice General Manager of China Motors Corporation, and Mr. Cheng Hsien Tsung, Executive Director of MIH Open EV Platform, to interact with young students at the industry sharing session.


In addition, there are multiple sponsors setting up booths in the exhibition area at the Lihpao Racing Park. Yulon Group and TECO Electric & Machinery Corporation sent HRs to recruit talents during the event. Tianhe Foundation, MakerPRO, Chroma and other sponsors came and exhibited their products. The companies such as Yulon Motor, China Motors, NISSAN, Luxgen, and Foxtron celebrated the Yulon's 70th anniversary, and displayed NISSAN X-TRAIL e-POWER, CMC E300, eMOVING electric scooters and Foxtron Model T electric bus, allowing people to better understand the latest trends in automobiles and stimulate their imagination and enthusiasm for automobiles, engineering, and technology in future work.

04_The third opening ceremony.jpeg

▲The opening ceremony (Source: Formula Student Taiwan Association)

05_Sponsor TECO Electric sets up a stall to recruit talents.jpeg

▲Sponsor TECO Electric & Machinery Corporation sets up a booth to recruit talents (Source: Formula Student Taiwan Association)

Sponsor Gong Feng Enterprise Special Assistant to the Chairman, Mr. Hu, said: It would be great if there was a team to join when I was at National Cheng Kung University! As there are such a group of students in Taiwan who are passionate about mechanics, I am happy to see their future development.

06_Special Assistant to Chairman Hu of Hand Tool Sponsor Gongfeng Enterprise.jpeg

▲Gong Feng Enterprise was a hand tool sponsor (Source: Formula Student  Taiwan Association)

The 3rd FST expanded the scale of the event to three days, with two and a half days of vehicle testing and one day of dynamic events. On the third day, student teams that passed the vehicle inspection were opened for dynamic events. The FSAE rules followed by the FST competition represents the highest quality requirements for vehicles. It hopes that the Taiwan student teams can be in line with international FSAE competitions in the future competition. The organizer's goal is to help the student teams to grow. Companies are welcome to join in and support. "All the best to the student teams for the upcoming overseas competitions!" said the organizer.

07_Team vehicle inspection screen.jpeg

▲The vehicle inspection (Source: Formula Student Taiwan Association)

08_Yulon Group car display screen.jpeg

▲Yulon Group’s car display (Source: Formula Student Taiwan Association)

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