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Taipei Tech Racing

Dreamers, Builders, Challengers: A group of passionate university students pursuing the dream of racing. They personally design and assemble our own formula, racing against time, challenging themselves, and achieving extraordinary feats.

Taipei Tech Racing, abbreviated as TTR, was established in 2014 and is the second Formula SAE (FSAE) team in Taiwan. It is affiliated with the Department of Vehicle Engineering in the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at National Taipei University of Technology. The team is responsible for autonomously designing, validating, assembling, and marketing formula race cars to participate in the Formula SAE competitions worldwide.

Directed by|Department of Vehicle Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology

Supervising ProfessorDirector Chen Zhikeng, Professor Jiang Xinhan

Contact | Stanlie Manager of Administrative

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NCKU Formula Racing

Based at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, NCKU Formula Racing was founded in 2018 by a group of students who are passionate about motorsports. The team encourages students to keep learning and aims to bridge the gap between academia and the real world through hands-on practice.

Contact   | Andy Lai

Contact   | Samuel Lin

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Taiwan Tech Racing

Be firm in yourself and pursue excellence.

Taiwan Tech Racing was established in March 2021, composed of students from various departments at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The team’s goal is to hands-on build a formula race car, and unveil the first electric racing car, “Leopard 01”, in the summer of 2023. The team had also participated in two Formula Student Taiwan events and the 2023 Australia FSAE contest.

Supervising Professor|Dean Chen Mingzhi, College of Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Contact   | Jeff Liao

Contact   | Danny Chou

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Sky is the limit.

Founded in 2018, NTURACING’s main goals are to build our own electric race car and elevate team members’ practical engineering skills. With an organized team structure and a clear vision of our goals, we were awarded the Most Impressive Student Award at FSAE-Australasia in 2022, First Place Award at FST in 2023.

Supervising professor|National Taiwan University Professor Xu Guanlun, Professor Zhan Kuiyuan, Professor Qiu Wenxiang

Contact  | Captain    Jeffrey Tsui

Contact   |Vice Captain Henry Hsieh

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NYCU Vulpes Racing

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In an era where student car building is not yet prevalent, connecting the passion for both owning and building cars.

Established in 2008, the NYCU Vulpes Racing Team (NVR) emerged as one of Taiwan's pioneering Formula Student teams. Originally dedicated to crafting a hybrid vehicle, the team has pivoted its focus to electric vehicles, aligning with the global emphasis on electric vehicles. For now, the team's future goal is to develop a self-driving vehicle. The team is also dedicated to nurturing automotive engineering talents and providing meaningful contributions to Taiwan's automotive industry.

Directed by|Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yangming Jiaotong University

Supervising professor | Professor Wai, Shi-Xin

Contact  | Captain Jeffrey Tsui, Vice Captain Henry Hsieh

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NTHU Racing

One Team, One Dream.

We are NTHU Racing, a formula student racing team. With great zeal, we create advanced race cars to compete with other teams around the world. Till this day, we continue to pursue our dreams of becoming a world-class race car team.

Directed by|Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

Supervising Professor|Professor Wang Peiren, Professor Lin Zhaoan

Contact   | Captain   Michael Yu

Contact   | Public Relations   Hannah Chen

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STUST Formula Racing

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We start anew, from ground zero, assembling the chassis step by step. Even if we may be a bit slower technicaally than others, we believe we won't lag too far behind other schools. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to gradually improve our team and make it better.

Directed by|Nantai University of Science and Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering

Supervising professor|Professor Zhuang Kai-ren

Contact   | Team Leader     ZHANG, YU-WEI

Contact   | Assistant Team Leader    CHEN, CHIH-LUNG

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